Painter of life

                     Pamla LaDon Klenczar


It takes more than a glance to truly see past the surface of the artists creation.

To discover the gold nuggets that lay hidden within the heart, you must look more than once.

There is something that surpasses the warmth in a crackling fire, the security of a mother’s love and the wonder etched on a child s face. There is a stirring in the air that says there is something more than meets the eye.

Allow yourself to cling to a higher purpose and realm. Through the artists revelation and discovery, see that the light shines for you, that countless eyes look on, waiting in expectation and wonder ready to announce your arrival into a realm built on faith and love.

Pamla LaDon Kommer-Klenczar desires that you would press past old mind sets and dare to look twice into deeper truths that have the ability and power to change destinies.

Just Dare to Believe

                                                             written by my friend, Lora Bosler-Espino  

It has been said about me that I have never met a color that I did not like. This is true!  I still work in black and white but exploding color evokes a whole other mood.  Sometimes it is joy or peace but always I work towards the goal of making you remember something good.